My new XBOX Live Picture

I spend some time this weekend to create a new XBOX Live avatar picture. When you select an existing one this works quite fast, but if you create it by your own … this took more time the expected. Change this a little bit and that and this and that and this … and you are 3 hours later. ūüėÄ

Never the less I think it is looking ok now! Hope you like it too! I want to make sure it looks friendly, relaxed and not to old or to young … hah



XBOX Kinect OS ideas

Some ideas for XBOX OS Рone for the new stand alone XBOX without KINECT on how to login easer and quicker.  And one for XBOX with KINECT how to easer and quicker switch on / off the KINECT sensor.

By implementing a new INTEGRATE KINECT INTERRUPT  

Goal is to create an anytime & anywhere on/off option via pressing the X1-Button and the implementing of a kinectkey to unlock KINECT vs. ticking a selection box somewhere deep down in XBOX options.

Adding an new experience by playing a sound when KINECT is switched on/off for creating emotional connection to the event (… remember firing a booster button in a car game?)
This should also support developers implementing KINECT.



– Implement a kinectkey string in options like user passkey
– Anywhere, Anytime interrupt triggered by double click X1
– Button and get prompted for kinectkey (also protect usage for children)
– Play sound feedback when KINECT switched on/off as emotional trigger to deepen experience
– Ensure instand flexible useP.S. Pls. remove the ‚Äěno kinect‚Äú icon.



– During XBOX system start
– No user is connected on start or new player joins while you are playing
– Anywhere, Anytime interrupt triggered by 3+ Sec. pressing the X1-Button and get prompted for passkey from user
– User can be identified without need to select user name from standard menu
– Ensure instand quick user detection without KINECT visual detection


I can feel his pain …

This is BRILLIANT monolog with Sheldon trying to decide between buying a   or a  . One of the best parts is the reaction from his girlfriend during the breakfast on trying to bond with him on the wild arguments.

    Someone was so nice to create this compilation from the Big Bang Theory. Thank you!

Back to console gaming‚Ķ

… this is my return to console gaming! The Next-Gen energy¬†really dragged¬†me in !

I love virtual realty and MMORPGs! It is my passion since the Commodore C64 and Amiga (Hitoro was the name of the company founded by¬†Jay Miner¬†¬†invented the Amiga architecture) … do you still know the “flight simulator” Interceptor … then you know what I am talking about.

I stayed within the World of Warcraft Universe for quite some years ‚Äď but new updates forced you to invest overwhelming to much time in a¬†game. ¬†I still believe in real live¬†ūüôā¬†too ‚Ķ So I decided to go back to a great gaming platform I left some years ago ‚Äď the XBOX. The¬†platform is easy to use, you can quick start, quick connect (if you like) and can quickly move away if other things need more attention.